Compass Club

Welcome to The Compass Club! A fun, OOC-ish place for dancing and frivolity!

About the club

The Compass Club is owned by Master MadShepard Fyrewik, the First Sword and Warrior HoC of Caer Cadarn. It was built in May 2020, as a fun hang out for our residents and any that just wanted to chill and enjoy. Our own GCR DJ Rhiannon did a Saturday night show, and it quickly gained popularity.

The Club has in the past year evolved, until it’s current incarnation.

Show schedules

The Compass Club does regular shows.

Saturday night Theme show 6 to 8 pm, slt (Dressing in theme is always optional, this is just a fun way of keeping the club fresh)

Tuesday night- DJ Elric- 5-7 pm, slt

It’s also available for any special occasions or shows, just contact Madshepard Fyrewik or his slave Twinkie (tamijean Resident)!

Check back here to see our weekly theme or see updates on the Club!

Event Photos!

Opening night of our newly designed club!
Master Shep on opening night
Rave night!
Redneck Picnic
Football Night! (American)
Harvest Festival
Movie killers
Witches Brew
Haunted Realm, Mardi Gras
Monster Mash
Caveman night
Master Cole’s birthday, and Demo night

Royal Feast
Master Sheps birthday, and Santa’s (Naughty) Workshop
New Years, 2022!

Roll in the Hay with DJ Cole!

It’s Underwater night!

Ancient Egypt Night!
Valentine’s Day 2022, with DJ Raven!