What it means to be a pathfinder:

Being a “Pathfinder” does not tie you down to one radio station. Do we want you to listen to us often? Of course we do! But we won’t demand it. However, we are going to provide for you a large variety of music, LOTS of live broadcasting and various music genres. You are not going to want to turn that dial!

Being a pathfinder means that you plan on having Gorean Compass Radio streaming on your sim regularly. It also means you will have your sim featured right here on our website along with having regular ads played on the radio. These are the places who have agreed to be pathfinders so far.

Located approximately 900 passangs southeast of Port Kar and approximately 900 passangs northeast of Bazi, The Freeport of Caer Cadarn is the “event” sim. Home to the Black Tarn Gorean Pleasure Resort. Here one can find radio events, discussions, tavern events and G&S fishing along with many other ways to relax and unwind.

Part of the Freeport of Caer Cadarn, the Delta Coast is home to the village proper and the village market. Along with providing some housing for the residents of the Freeport, it is also home to the warriors of Caer Cadarn and maintains a large G&S farm.

Delta Dreams is also a part of the Freeport of Caer Cadarn and is a Free Woman’s paradise in the Delta. Housing for all citizens is located in Delta Dreams as well as a public kitchen, fabulous Free Woman’s baths and a gorgeous tea house surrounded by a beautiful garden. Not only for Free Women, however, the slave school of the Freeport is also located on Delta Dreams.

EST since 2012, Best Deals Market upholds a high standard for their customers care. Where all your shopping needs are taken care for. They have over 150 stalls with a wide range of G&S, DFS & Breedables. Their stall holders await to sell you their goods.

Gorean Focused location on service, education, and the continuation of Gorean philosophy. No force collar. Lifestyle and role play service. Voice active for discussions and service. We recommend having the ability to hear if typing only.

Administrators are: Caius Kanellis (fleshcrow.resident) & Edwin.Alter

The Port of Brundisium is a BTB Gorean southern rp sim located on the Gorean continent in second life. Goreans can sail or fly to 7 different connected sims with more coming soon.

Administrator: Thaddeus Himura Dexing (DLMiksch Resident)

The Oasis of Whispering well is 100 pasang north of Two Scimitars in the Taharan deserts. It once was held by the Aretai, may even still be if they chose to challenge the current occupants who seem to be a small family led by the current Preceptor General of Gor for the White Caste. It is a small homestead but pure Gorean RP and we welcome visitors but….Gorean Compass Radio plays all the time!

Administrator: Kailek resident